Thick Plate Processing

Precision Flamecutting and Steel is the proven leader in thick plate processing.

We stock several grades of carbon and alloy plate up to 16” thick.  Thicker material can be special ordered upon request.  Our machines can accommodate any material up to 60” thick.  Allow us to precut your forging saving you a great deal of money in machining costs.  

Our project management team working with our testing expediters will follow your material  coupons through the prequalification process, ensuring the material passes all applicable evaluations before cutting any parts.  Upon request, we can provide manufacturing record books saving you valuable time.

Cutting thick plate is an art. Our skills are sought after to deliver the highest quality processing of high risk material.  Upon receiving your job we will conduct a risk assessment and create a process plan.  All steps will be taken to ensure only the highest quality product leaves our shop.  Customers are always welcome to view the processing of their material or just tour our state of the art facility.