Quad Certified API-2H Gr. 50

An intermediate-strength, normalized, structural steel plate utilized in the welded construction of offshore structures. This grade is regulated by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Because of its specific restrictions, API has also been adapted in many other applications such as Base rings and Cylinders for Crane production, Piling for severe application on Bridge Construction and for “Fracture Critical” applications in areas where resistance to vibration and torque are necessary.

Precision Flamecutting and Steel can provide quotations on material from 1/4” up to 4 1/2” thick.

Mechanical Properties:
Tensile: 70 to 90 ksi
Yield: 50 ksi min
Charpy Requirements: TCVN 30 ft/lbs average/25 ft/lbs min @ – 40° Fahrenheit

S.1 Ultrasonic Testing per SA578 level II 100% scan
S.3 Frequency “P” per plate testing in accordance with A20 requirements
S.4 Through Thickness Tensile Testing “Z” direction per A770, 30% min. reduction of area.
S.5 Controlled sulpher to 0.006% max with inclusion shape control
S.12 Drop Weight Testing

ASTM A633 Grades C and E

This high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel is used in offshore platforms, utility poles and various other construction and heavy equipment manufacture. Often applied where low temp service is required with improved notch toughness.

Precision Flamecutting and Steel offers Grade C up to 6” thick and Grade E up to 7” thick.

Mechanical Properties A633 Grade C:
Tensile: Up to & Inc 2.5”: 70 to 90 ksi Over 2.5” to 4”: 65 to 85 ksi
Yield: Up to & Inc 2.5”: 50 ksi min Over 2.5” to 4”: 46 ksi min

Mechanical Properties A633 Grade E:
Tensile: Up to & Inc 4”: 80 to 100 ksi Over 4” to 6”: 75 to 95 ksi
Yield: Up to & Inc 4”: 60 ksi min Over 4” to 6”: 55 ksi min